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Yes, we are all in this struggle together. The Virus has brought mayhem, confusion and destroyed many dreams and businesses within its path. There are very few businesses that have prospered over the last year and sadly, many wont be opening their doors in the New Year.


Many of us are in a tight space trying to make ends meet, and frustrated by lack of available options with the current circumstance.

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We understand that a new business venture may not be ideal with the Virus still progressing. Our repair system offers 3 tiers of opportunities each offering a solution to your current situation.
1. Master a side hustle that generates you thousands a month by working weekends alone.
2. An additional source of Income to your current business.
3. An opportunity to create a lucrative, highly sought after service business as a full time career.
4. A structured  business platform that offers a variety of  options as either s stand alone system, and addition to your current operation or  as a licenced  partnership.

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The Ultimate Small Business Opportunity

The Ultimate Small Business Opportunity




During Covid 19 lockdown I was unable to run my business , I was going stir crazy at home and decided to purchase a couple sets of damaged wheels off Gumtree,  E Bay, and classifieds. The scratched wheels were easy to negotiate down on price as they required cosmetic repairs and had not drawn much interest due to their condition. I refurbished the scratched wheels and advertised them on the same platform as almost new. All 3 sets were sold within 2 days of advertising them. After all said and done, I profited a clean R 4200 pure profit for less than 8 hours of work.


Friends and family will also find your side hustle quite beneficial, convenient and affordable. the average market price for a standard repair is R 650 and if it is a diamond cut rim then an average of R 2,300 per wheel. Offering custom painted wheels which requires no repairs only spray work is also an income avenue.

Approaching the business with this perspective allows you to build confidence in repairs and truly get a strong understanding of different wheels types and finishes. 

By running this business as a side hustle (weekends) has the potential to generate R 2000 to

R 4000 ( S.Africa)  $400 to $600 (U.S) on an average weekend. 

The Training Course ( the training will have various options depending on each specific package )

4. AKRS paint system

      a) product overview

                 - color coding

                 - mixes and mixtures

                 - color bank

                 - custom options

                 - troubleshooting

      b) Application

                 - timing

                 - process

                 - techniques

                 - troubleshooting

      c) AKRsystem diamond cut process

                 - the process

                 - the products

                 - the system

                 - troubleshooting

5. Online Library

      a) access

      b) support

6. Conclusion

      a) mastering the system

      b) opportunities and growth


1. Hardware, Products, Tools and Equipment

   a) Spray Paint Guns

              - assembly and breakdown

              - anatomy and functions

              - technique and control

              - troubleshoot and maintenance

              - the AKRsystem

2. Grinder and Sander

    a) maintenance, operation and anatomy

              - basic techniques and options

    b) assessing the damage

              - style of wheel (finish)

              - advanced grinding techniques (AKRsystem)

              - sanding area and blend edges (feathering)

              - in depth overview of abrasives

              - filler (prep, application and shaping)

3. Wheel Preparation

     a) products and techniques

              - hot points

              - troubleshooting and prevention

              - point to point AKRsystem

  • Very Low investment

  • Minimal Risk

  • Minimal Staff

  • 10 years Proven System

  • No Premisses or Lease

  • No Inventory

  • Huge Market Potential

  • 250 Five Star  Google Reviews

  • On-line Training

  • Incredible R.O.I (Return on Investment)

  • Unique one of a kind Repair System

  • Simplified Color Bank 

  • No Franchise

  • No Royalties or Marketing Fees

  • Single Supply Chain

  • Optional BEE

  • Cash Base Business

  • Online Training Library

  • Your own Time
  • Level 4 Work Permit
  • Brilliant Profit Margin

Mobile Mag Wheel Repair. We come to You

The Success of a business is measured not only by turnover and profit, but more so by its resilience and ability to adapt and take advantage of the markets fluctuations. This key factor is only achieved through time in the industry.

Our innovative repair system has proven to be successful by leading the mag wheel repair industry for the past 10 years.