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Diamond Cut Rims

Updated: May 7

The Ultimate Guide:

Diamond Cut Rims and Machined Faced Mag Wheels

Diamond Cut Rims….where do I start? The name alone should give you an indication of how this wheel fits into the automotive industry. Introduced to the market by the Premier Brands such as (Porsche, Audi, BMW, Ferrari, Mercedes, McLaren) the rest of the manufacturers followed soon after.

How Diamond Cut Wheels are made?

Diamond Cut Wheels are currently produced by most commercial automotive manufacturers. The process consists of 6 steps that differentiates this costly wheel from a standard silver mag wheel. spraying a standard mag or alloy wheel a solid color. The spray painted wheel is placed onto a digital the and program the machine to lightly shave/grind certain parts of the wheel with a diamond tip. This grinding eventually leaves you with a two-tone wheel (the original colour and the pattern revealed by the diamond tipped lathe) The area that is grinded produces the same finish as what you see on a music CD or DVD just not as evident. The entire wheel is then clear coated to protect the wheel from corrosion, other forms of ageing and adds a brilliant lustre to wheel.

Are All Diamond Cut repairs the same finish?

Over the years, the diamond cut finish has evolved drastically. From the earlier wheels such as the Golf 5/6 Volkswagen Gti the finish showed very distinguished grooves that the diamond cut bit creates, todays machines create grooves that are almost invisible to the eye. There are only a small number of workshops that have the equipment and knowledge to carry out these repairs successfully. This plays an important role when having them repaired due to some repair shops have out-dated machinery and the finish is drastically different to the current diamond cut finish. There are a couple “fly by night” workshops that simply use a grinder and clear coat over that destroys the look of the wheel. Depending on what country you live in, the machinery required to do the right job is sometimes unavailable due to financial costs.

Types of Diamond Cut

There are a few different polished wheel options in the market, depending on the look and what style you were pursuing for some its a traditional look, brushed, or machine-polished. Each system requires buffing of metal to make it shine. What varies is the technique, methods, care and maintenance necessary for each wheel.

Traditional polished wheels:

These types of wheels are polished by buffing the wheel with soft materials(cotton) until the it has a metallic mirror shine to it. Most polished wheels on the market today utilize a clear-coat, and they repair quite easily if damaged. However, repairs can often be costly, as the polishing is labor intensive and needs to be completed by hand.

Machine-polished wheels:

This finish is applied by utilizing a digital lathe. The lathe bit will shave part of the metal off the front of the wheel, then flatten and polish it to give it a metallic shine. If this type of wheel needs repaired, it can usually be fixed by using the lathe again. However, this can only be done on a limited basis, as there won’t be enough metal left to refinish the wheel if it is done over and over again.

What are the benefits of Diamond Cut mags?

In the first introduction of these rims, it created a powerful trend in being a rare option available and was highly sought after for the car enthusiast. Only the upper end vehicles arrived from the factory with these exclusive and sought after wheels. Vehicles such as the Audi RS5, RS3 and R8 were the runner ups for Audi and your M2, M3 and X5 sport were the front runners for BMW. Mercedes had their “S” classes and AMG models across the board. Along with giving the vehicles a custom look, diamond cut wheels were significantly lighter than prior options which clearly made an impact on performance and fuel efficiency due to them being so light.

What are the negatives of Diamond Cut rims?

As any item with the name “Diamond” screams expensive from all aspects. To purchase a good set of diamond cut rims is significantly more expensive than a standard alloy. The price is always included in the initial sales of the car so no too much attention is paid to the wheels cost as long as it adds sex appeal to the car, The shock sets in the first kerb scratch you experience and hunt down some repair options. Firstly, the turnaround repair time at most workshops is 4 to 7 days and range between R 1600 to to R 3600 per wheel. And hopefully they have the correct machine to mimic the finish.

What is the cost to repair a Diamond Cut Finish?

This is the big question. With so many repair centres advertising diamond cut repairs some with inferior machinery and ability to create the right finish and one or two that really have the workmanship and ability to replicate the original finish. With an inferior repair your trade in or even retail value can be affected negatively due to cost to repair the wheels the right way and leaves your wheel as an eye sore compared to the original ones. Only trust a repair shop that offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and at least a 2 year warranty on workmanship. I have accumulated a few quotes from repair centres throughout Cape Town to give an idea of the average repair price. I will only mention area of the repair centre not their name and also their estimated price and Google review ratings.

The Alloy King has taken extreme pride in their business and their repair system. We offer a mobile service that comes to you and we offer repairs within 2 to 3 hours on your doorstep all with a 3 year guarantee. We also take immense pride in 350

five Star***** Reviews on Google.

Google Reviews & Warranty

With any service rendering business I always place close attention the reviews written by clients and their Google rating. These reviews are a strong indication Regarding workmanship and service. I would not accept any guarantee on workmanship less than 2 years. The Alloy King offers a 3 year Guarantee on all workmanship and we are proud to have over 300 reviews at 5 Stars.

How many times can I repair Diamond Cut wheels?

Depending on the severity of the damage, the rule of thumb is that you can repair a diamond cut wheel twice. The reason being is due to the repair process. When there is damage on a diamond cut rim the normal repair process requires the whole face of the wheel to be shaved off to the depth of the damage. Depending on the style of the wheel this can start to alter the design if repaired more than once.

The Alloy Kings innovative repair system is designed to allow for as many repairs as required. Our system not only allows for multiple repairs, it also allows the repairs to be done within 2 hours and on-site. Yes, we come to you! We have repaired over 8,000 diamond cut rims with our mobile unit and our reputation in the industry is flawless.

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