On-Site Rim Repairs

Paint Rims. Diamond Cut. Curb Rash 

The Alloy King on-site rim repairs has earned its impeccable reputation over the past 10 years. We proudly offer convenient, efficient, affordable and top quality workmanship to dealerships, insurance companies and private clients alike.


We repair painted, machined and polished wheels on your doorstep or place of business. We remove the damage (cosmetic) from the wheel using our engineered tools built specifically for us. We then prepare, paint and clear coat the wheel with our innovative paint system designed specifically for mobile mag repairs.




Our core mission-To offer customers

affordable, efficient and quality mag repairs

to their home or business with our innovative

repair system.


This unique system incorporates custom engineered tools, specialized techniques and products specifically formulated for mobile repairs. The Alloy King is the only mag repair company that delivers cosmetic scratch repairs to diamond cut rims and custom painted wheels to your doorstep. 

Our Mission

Professional Rim Repairs

The Alloy King has revolutionized the mag repair industry. The workmanship is rated as impeccable and the efficient service is unparalleled. The Alloy King is a powerful name within the automotive trade. “Through constant advances in systems and techniques the Alloy King dominates the mag repair industry.

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