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"Quality from Start to Finish"

"We consistently strive to improve workmanship and efficiency to maintain our core mission of offering affordable mag wheel repairs on your doorstep around your schedule."

-Rob MacIntosh

          The Alloy King has built a reputation over the period of 8 years that is preceded by no other. The workmanship is rated as impeccable and the efficient service is unparalleled. The Alloy King is a powerful name within the automotive trade. “Through the advances in systems and technique the Alloy King will dominate the mag repair sector through a constant drive to maintain efficiency and quality around your schedule.” The Alloy King boasts being the only rim repair company holding over 150 five star reviews on Google. 


          Through consistent R and D, the Alloy King has developed systems that have advanced the mag repair business to a new level. The Alloy King Reduced a mag repair time down to 1 hour while offering a 3 Year Guarantee on workmanship. The Alloy King developed a specialized repair system allowing a basic repair to be accomplished within 1 hour in comparison to the competitions turnaround time of 4 days. The Alloy King went into partnership with Audi Center Cape Town in October 2015 after repairing wheels for the Pre Owned department since 2011. This key partnership was based on Alloy Kings highly regarded reputation and impeccable workmanship. The Alloy Kings services have became an extension of Audi Center Cape Town. 

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