Custom Painted Mag Wheels

Customizing you car

Custom painted rims is one of the most affordable wheel customizations available to drastically change the look of your car. Spray painting your mags a

different colour can change the entire look of your car, from a sportier

look to something more classy the options are endless. With all the

different wheel colour choices you want to put in some research and

really put some thought into what you want to accomplish.


We have put together " the Ultimate Wheel Guide" to assist in deciding what alloy rim color and what mag finish to go with on your set of  rims. If you require any additional assistance please contact us directly.


Colour Option for Rims and Mags

satin finish BMW
glacier black mettalic
stealth black mag
Porsche rim repairs. curb damage on porsche wheel
hyper grey
BMW scratched rims
gloss black
Mercedes. AMG. audi, maseratti, volkswagen.color options on mag wheels

Gloss Black Wheels

The Alloy King can match any OEM or Custom color already in place. If you would like some advice or different options feel free to call us ....082 570 6123 or CONTACT

Paint my wheels Black, or even gloss black is not the only color option available however, it is the most popular choice for most. The Alloy King offers a variety of black wheels including matte, gloss, satin and glacier. Gloss Black and Matte black are an overall great option to suit most vehicles. If you are looking for something a little more original there are thousands of options depending on what you are trying to accomplish.

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What color options are there?

  • Gloss Black

  • Satin Black

  • Matte Black

  • Anthracite

  • Gun Metal

  • Hyper Silver

  • Fine Silver

  • Quartz Silver

  • Army Green

  • Tranluscent Pearl

  • Gallaxy Black

  • Hyper Graphite

  • Hyper Black

  • Hyper Grey

  • Alpine White

  • Aluminium Silver

  • Candy Apple Red

  • Electric Blue

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Types of Wheel Finishes 
mercedes benz

Satin Finish

Audi RS5

Gloss Finish

matte black wheels

Matte Finish

How to maintain custom sprayed wheels



To Clean- very durable paint however, tends to accumulate more grime and brake dust as it has no additional protection and has somewhat of a rougher or porous finish to its cousins Satin, and Gloss.


To Repair- between the 3 options Matte finish requires the least amount of drama surrounding a scratch. If you are hands on savvy, you may even give it a D.I.Y weekend attempt. 





To Clean- This finish steers more to the look of Matte than it does to Gloss however, it has a smoother finish to Matte allowing for easier maintenance due to the smoother texture wading off excess brake dust etc.


To Repair- Once again, like its cousin matte finish, satin requires no clear coat which allows for much easier scratch repairs than your gloss finish.




To Clean-  This is most popular as it offers easy maintenance and has a tendency to look clean even if it’s missed a couple of bubble baths. The Clear Coat finish offers a very smooth, shiny surface that assists in avoiding buildup of brake dust etc.


To Repair- Gloss is often considered the prettiest and we know how that goes. Mainly due to the clear coat finish this option requires some expertise when it comes to dealing with a scratched wheel. (refer to the section of this guide “ Where to have your wheels repaired.”

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