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diamond cut rim repair

Diamond Cut Rim Repairs 

The Alloy King is the only mag wheel repair company that offers onsite Diamond Cut Rim Repairs. We come to you! the wheel remains on the vehicle and average repair is one hour.

Mobile Diamond Cut Mag Repairs

scratched diamond cut rim
repaired diamond cut rim

"Thank you Rob for the immaculate job you've done on my mags. I'm highly satisfied. Being an artist and detail orientated myself I couldn’t find anything out of place. I'm just happy that you could help me on the same day I've made the appointment.
Thank you again. You do come highly recommended."

With over 8000 diamond cut mag wheels repaired and with a Service rating of 5 stars makes us Cape Towns preferred repair specialist. Innovative techniques, specialized tools and Experience are the key factors why the Alloy King is considered the diamond cut expert.

diamond cut
diamond cut

What is a Diamond Cut Rim?

A Diamond Cut Wheel is a very different process than a standard mag wheel. The process starts with spraying the rim with a solid color. The rim is then placed on a lathe that is programmed to shave away certain parts of the face of the wheel with a diamond cut bit. the wheel is then fully clear coated. The diamond bit creates a shiny metal finish that presents tiny lines such as a DVD disc. 

How long does a diamond cut rim repair take?

A standard Diamond Cut Rim repair with the Alloy King can take as little as 2 hours depending on the extent of the damage.

The market competitors require 3-7 days, and the finish can be somewhat questionable if you do not take the time to source a reputable repair company

How much does it cost to repair a diamond cut wheel?

What does it cost to repair diamond cut mags? The automotive markets diamond cut cost to repair can range from R 1500 to R 3700 per mag wheel. The Chart below is a price indication of what you will pay to repair a scratched diamond cut rim in South Africa. With so many various machined and diamond repair systems available in the market.( some not recommended) finding a trusted specialist can be daunting and often ends up being neglected or disappointed in repair choice. I have been in the Industry 12 years in Cape Town and truly believe in workmanship at the highest level and ensure this by having a hand on every diamond cut rim repair that we attend to.  We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee along with a 3 year guarantee on all workmanship. for any advice please contact us on 081 404 4064 or CONTACT

How many times can you repair a Diamond Cut Rim?

How many times  can you repair a diamond cut rim ?A diamond cut wheel can be repaired Two to Three times maximum. The standard repair for a diamond cut wheel entails shaving the entire face of the wheel down to the deepest scratch. This process can affect the design, shape and safety of your cars' damaged rim. 90 % of diamond cut repairs are clearly visible  due to workmanship and lack of knowledge. The Alloy King has repaired over 8,000 diamond cut wheels and boasts close to 400 5 Star reviews. Our innovative repair system is designed to specialize in the more recent diamond cut wheels for all manufactures including Porsche, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Toyota, Mazda, Hyundai, Ferrari, Honda, Opel and many more.  if you have any questions regarding diamond cut rim repairs please contact us. 081 404 4064

Make a booking today and experience the exceptional service of The Alloy King. Let our skilled technicians restore the beauty of your rims with precision and expertise. Contact us now to schedule an appointment and give your wheels the attention they deserve. 

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