Diamond Cut Rim Repairs

Diamond Cut Rim Repairs near me, look no further...We come to You! 

The Alloy King is the only rim refurbishment company that offers the convenience of mobile or on-site wheel repairs.


With over 8000 Diamond Cut wheels repaired and with a Service rating of 5 stars makes us Cape Towns referred repair specialist.


Innovative techniques, specialized tools and Experience are the key factors why the Alloy King is considered the Diamond Cut experts.

FAQ (Frequently asked Questions) 

What is a Diamond Cut Rim?

A Diamond Cut Wheel is a very different process than a standard mag wheel. The process starts with spraying the rim with a solid color. The rim is then placed on a lathe that is programmed to shave away certain parts of the face of the wheel with a diamond cut bit. the wheel is then fully clear coated. The diamond bit creates a shiny metal finish that presents tiny lines such as a DVD disc. 

How long does a diamond cut rim repair take?

The Alloy King comes to you. A basic Diamond Cut repair can take up to 2 hours depending on the damage.

The competition requires 3-7 days, and the finish is somewhat questionable if you do not choose wisely.

What is the price to repair a Diamond Cut wheel?

The market  prices range from R 1900 to R 3700 per mag wheel  and even  then the finished product is not always acceptable.

The Alloy King prices each wheel according to the damage  and prices can range from R 800 to R 2000. send us an image and we will quote immediately

How many times can you repair a Diamond Cut wheel?

With the competitors repair system the amount of material shaved off limits repairs to only 2 per wheel.

The Alloy King system allows for as many diamond cut repairs as required due to our unique and innovative system. Se guarantee 100% satisfaction with a 3 year warranty on workmanship

"Quality from Start to Finish"

We are the Industry.

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