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Mobile Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Repair. Tinted Clear Coat

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

The Alloy King- mobile diamond cut alloy wheel repair specialists introduce " tinting" the latest trend in the ever-evolving world of wheel finishes.

Latest Wheel Trend

There's a new kid on the block that's causing more of a stir than a spoon in a coffee cup. This isn't just a trend, it's a revolution. It's like the Beatles of the automotive world, causing a frenzy wherever it goes. Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines and put your hands together for tinted diamond cut wheels!

Diamond cut wheels have always been the James Bond of the wheel world - smooth, sophisticated, and with a shine that could blind a spy in a high-speed chase. But now, they've gone undercover, adding a splash of colour to their repertoire. This isn't just a new look, it's a whole new identity. It's like Clark Kent ditching the glasses and the suit, and stepping out as Superman.

But these tinted diamond cut wheels aren't just about looking good - they're about standing out from the crowd. They're about transforming your vehicle from just another car on the road, to a one-of-a-kind showpiece. They're the automotive equivalent of a peacock spreading its feathers, a lion roaring in the wild, a rock star stepping onto the stage. They're not just wheels, they're a statement.

And the best part? This trend is taking the world by storm. It's spreading faster than a viral cat video, turning heads in cities, towns, and tiny villages across the globe. From New York to New Delhi, from London to Los Angeles, tinted diamond cut wheels are the talk of the town.

But as with any trend, it's important to do it right. Choosing the right place to have your wheels tinted is crucial. Poor preparation, inferior products, and unprofessional techniques can have a devastating effect on your expensive wheels. It's like hiring a clown to do a brain surgery - it's not going to end well.

The Process

The process involved with tinting diamond cut wheels requires meticulous prep work and an experienced spray hand. the wheels are lightly sanded down with 2000 grit sand paper to create a solid bond for the applied clear coat. Once the wheels are masked out and cleaned, the tinted clear coat is then prepared with the customer color choice of tint. Currently the most common is "smoked out tint" one of Snoopg Dogs favorite. the clear coat is then evenly sprayed over the face of the diamond cut rim until the right consistency is achieved.

Professional Diamond Cut Repairs

Always check the reviews of the company you're considering. This is the easiest way to gauge a company's professionalism and trust factor with the public. It's like doing a background check on a potential date - it can save you a lot of trouble down the line. Ask friends for recommendations, and take your time. This isn't a decision to be rushed.

You also have the option to search "diamond cut repair near me" or if you are short of time and dont ave a few days to mess around with wheels, take advantage of the most convenient repair system which comes to your home or place of business. Mobile diamond cut alloy wheel repairs is like having a gourmet chef come to your house to cook dinner - it's convenient, it's professional, and it's a little bit fancy.

Mobile Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Repairs

"The Alloy King" is Cape Town's leading mag repair company for 13 years, proudly boasting over 450 five-star Google reviews. It's like the Dr Dre of the wheel repair world - popular, respected, and always delivering top-notch performances. If you have any questions, please contact The Alloy King directly. Rob MacIntosh is ready to answer your call at 0814044064 or email

In conclusion, if you're ready to take your vehicle from ordinary to extraordinary, from mundane to magnificent, from 'meh' to 'marvellous', then it's time to jump on the bandwagon and embrace the revolution. It's time to say goodbye to boring wheels, and hello to tinted diamond cut wheels. Because life's too short for ordinary wheels.

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